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Automate your content strategy by transforming your email newsletters into engaging social media content effortlessly. Reach a wider audience and boost your engagement across platforms.

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The Overwhelming Challenge of Newsletter Repurposing

Crafting a great newsletter is just the beginning. Turning it into engaging posts for each social platform can devour hours, leaving creators drained and distracted from their primary passion.


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Manual Repurposing


Burnout & Missed Opportunities

Unlock theFull Potentialof Your Newsletter Content

  • Transform your newsletters into engaging social media posts, threads, and tweets with the power of AI. Save time and extend your reach effortlessly.
  • Directly connect with popular newsletter platforms like Substack and Beehiiv, making the repurposing process as smooth as possible.
  • Our AI learns your writing style, ensuring that all repurposed content sounds like you, maintaining your unique voice across all platforms.
  • Once your content is ready, ContentQuiver automatically posts it across your social media accounts, broadening your reach without the manual hassle.

Transforming Content Repurposing

Content Repurposing Without ContentQuiver

  • Manually rewriting content for each platform
  • Spending hours on content adaptation
  • Inconsistent voice across different channels
  • Missed opportunities for audience engagement
  • Struggle to maintain a consistent posting schedule

With ContentQuiver

  • Automatically repurpose content for multiple platforms
  • Save time with quick content adaptation
  • Maintain a consistent voice across all channels
  • Maximize audience engagement with less effort
  • Easily keep up with a consistent posting schedule


Save hours of repetitive code and ship faster!


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  • Repurpose content for one newsletter instance per month
  • 2 credits/month
  • Support for two platforms: Twitter and Reddit
  • Access to basic content repurposing AI
  • Basic customer support via email


Maximize your content's reach and engagement




  • Unlimited newsletter instances for repurposing
  • 100 generation credits/month
  • Support for multiple platforms, including Twitter & Reddit (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more coming soon)
  • Advanced content repurposing AI with voice learning technology
  • Automated scheduling and posting across all connected social media accounts (coming soon)
  • Priority customer support
  • Early access to new features and integrations


Frequently Asked Questions

  • ContentQuiver uses advanced AI to transform your newsletter content into engaging social media posts, threads, and tweets, tailored to each platform's audience and format requirements.
  • Currently, ContentQuiver supports repurposing content for Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and more. We're continuously working to add support for additional platforms.

  • You can try ContentQuiver for free by signing up under the Free plan. You will be able to repurpose one of your newsletters per month for free to trial the platform. No credit card is required for signing up to the Free plan.

  • Absolutely! If you decide that ContentQuiver isn't the right fit for you, you can cancel your subscription at any time directly from your account settings.

  • We offer a discounted rate for non-profits or educational institutions. Please contact us if you think you should be eligible for a discounted rate.

  • We provide comprehensive support through email and live chat for Pro Plan subscribers. Free Plan users have access to basic support via email.